Fishing Topwater in Lily Pads

In 2004, I fished more lily pads than in the past? Why? Well, since i caught fish inside them. I most likely caught over 100 fish within the lily pads this season alone. Two were over 5 pounds and something over 6 pounds. What exactly did I actually do different this season?

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I am glad you requested……I made use of a lure known as the scum frog, eco-friendly and white-colored, in addition I fished it different than in the past. The thing is, I did previously go slow, I am talking about real slow, my thought process was that although the bass is really a fast swimmer, he’d have a problem doing the lure with the pads, basically retrieved it fast. Not just that, but, I needed to place it in the face considerably longer by going slow on my small retrieve.

Well, i then viewed this person and that he was running it with the lily pads almost as quickly as any buzz bait I’ve come across used. I had been utilizing the same lure except slow. The end result? Well, he was getting strikes, I am talking about plenty of strikes, I had been getting none. So, I returned within the same area I simply fished and you know what? Yep, I started getting strikes, however i didn’t have them because the lure would work through the fish. I figured maybe I ought to compromise, so, I slowed lower my retrieve only a hair and bingo, I began catching fish. That’s the way I made use of the scum frog throughout the fishing season. Fast, but not really fast like a buzz bait, once they would hit or miss I’d steer clear of the bait and merely twitch it a couple of occasions. It was one of my favorite fishing years in over 40 of fishing for bass, all for this reason new retrieve.

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As Mikey states “Check it out you may enjoy it”.

Charles E. White-colored has fished for nearly half a century for bass from California to Florida. In the lifetime, it’s believed he has caught over 6,000 bass. His greatest bass is really a 12 pound 14 ounce that hangs on his wall in the office.