Hiking Securely around the Hillsides


If you’re contemplating a lengthy distance walk, or indeed each day walk, around the the higher level routes within the United kingdom, like the Pennine Way, the very first time, between October and could, take note that you’re starting your test of the endurance and stamina, particularly when transporting a backpack.

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Each stage inside a lengthy distance walk involves a time period of several hrs spent outdoors, frequently in isolated and remote locations and often at altitudes above 400 metres, in possibly rain or snow. Numerous factors must therefore be taken into consideration in the starting stage.

Climate Conditions & Daylight Hrs

No matter whenever you undertake your way, you should check the expected climate conditions every day. Between October and could there’s elevated chance of high winds, heavy rain, sleet and often snow blizzards. These, along with the considerably smaller sized quantity of daylight hrs, can offer a

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challenge for that unwary.

Fundamental Equipment


For those who have arranged for back-up luggage to become transported from your next accommodation, a medium size backpack (25 to 30 litres capacity) is going to be sufficient to hold your everyday requirements of clothing, food and liquid in addition to a fundamental first-aid package. Alternatively, if transporting all of your equipment yourself then greater capacity is going to be needed, based on how you feel is the bare essentials!

Guide Books, Maps & Compass

Most United kingdom lengthy distance walks are very well signposted. However, it’s foolish to attempt any unfamiliar route with no good Manual along with a Ordnance Survey map of scale 1:50,000 to exhibit a wider topographical picture on each side from the route. Maps in guide books are usually good but of necessity

relatively narrowly focused on the way. I favor so that you can “see” what lies either to side, mainly in my own enjoyment and to understand possible escape routes if the weather turn bad on an advanced path.