What are the rules you should know about Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is one of India’s most-played card games. It is a poker-like game for two players. Played with a deck of 49 cards, it can be played by two or multiple sets of four players. The game’s objective is to win all four rounds; each round consists of three deals. In each deal, one player will play first, and then their partner plays in subsequent deals interchangeably with them over three rounds lasting seven hands each to win more points than their opponent.

It is played with a standard deck of 52 cards but with four extra cards which are dealt, and one of the players can indeed choose to discard them. The player who plays first will stake two or three coins, depending on the Teen patti rules. The player who plays second must pick up the amount staked by the player who played first, which will be at stake during all three deals.

What is a Teen Patti game?

Teen Patti game is India’s most famous card game; it is the best version of Indian Poker. If you are a game lover, you must love Teen Patti. It is a poker-like card game with slight changes in some rules, which attracts players worldwide to play it. The Teen Patti Game is an interesting and exciting card game where you aim to win more points than your partner through three rounds. You will have to play very carefully and strategically as there are chances you may lose all three rounds if you aren’t careful enough at the time of playing this interesting card game. 

Rules you should know about Teen Patti: 

  1. Play: Indian Poker is played with 52 cards; a Joker and four more cards are added to the standard 52-card deck. Its specialty is different from the other three cards. You can use one or more than one of them at your disposal to perform better in your game.
  2. Deal: Two players stand opposite each other at a table, shuffling the deck and dealing the cards in turns face down for themselves and their partners sitting beside them; this goes on till all 52 cards have been dealt.
  3. Trick: The Joker is always placed on top of the deck for all three rounds and will not be available for the second round. You have to place it face down on top of your hand, where it will remain for you till you win your last round; you cannot use the Joker in any other manner.
  4. Points: Winning a deal, you earn 100 points. If you lose all three rounds, you lose all the 100 points you earned in all those rounds, but net gain points in each deal of 1 point per coin staked by you and 2 points per coin staked by your partner. 
  5. Stakes: You and your partner bet with the coins for each deal. The player who plays first stakes two or three coins according to the rules; their opponent has to pick up those stakes, which will be at stake for both in all three deals.
  6. Deals: All four rounds have seven deals each. In a round, one player plays first, and then his partner plays for the rest of the three deals in subsequent deals interchangeably with him; this game is known by different names such as Patti, Teen Patti, depending on your language and group of players.


This is the most popular poker-like game in India, with the most beautiful image. With new rules and decisions, you can play this game with others. Teen Patti Casino Game Card Game Rules and History Teen Patti is one of the oldest card games in India. It is considered one of India’s finest cards, as it involves analytical skills and strategy. Many people play Teen Patti, and it has become their favourite game that they love and enjoy. You will find many friends to play with for the Teen Patti game.